Regardless of culture or country , all the people around the world love to give their personal touch to their decor, it’s a way for everyone to feel more comfortable at home. But China has become a major player on the world market of decoration in recent years . In fact, this country has a very important socio- economic change since the country opened to the world. Principal Chinese cities like Shanghai and Beijing are becoming major players connected to the rest of the planet, these cities are becoming more « eldorado »where it is possible to work ; but also where to lodge resulting in a ” housing boom “. The very tall buildings in large cities are only the evidence.

This boom has had many implications for the decoration market in China. Housing conditions have changed in these cities and become more modern.Consumption patterns have moved closer to Western standards .Furniture design became more and more with a minimalist style with large natural color curtains like white cream , brown or green in the living room, for example , many Asian inspired by the many trips they did in the West to decorate their house ; it is a way to differentiate.

China furniture designers and sellers have decided to go up market which represents an alternative to the many copies as their predecessors realized the western decor. They had to choose this particular alternative because international competition is entering the market , afterit has emerged an innovative and original local Chinese creation. In Chinese decoration companies many foreign artistic directors have been integrated in order to put theircreativity to the west of the People’sRepublic of China. New customers were targeted : young, wealthy and urban. As company selling furniture in China couldbecited : Kinhom , hoba . Many of these companies participate in exhibitions, to increase their visibility ; the main lounge furniture , are: Shanghai Furniture China

The decoration market in China revealsa real growth potential, thanks to the replacement market boom of used furniture but also the development of new futuristic constructions. Not to mention that a gradual emergence of Chinese creativity to address the opening of the market to foreign companies. A real market with real opportunity exists today.


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